Firstly, here is another example of a page design.  This pages uses the colour scheme Sea Breeze, with the Clouds header photo but no foreground photo.

So what are your options as your business grows?

The first thing to understand is that Office Answers is NOT a web design agency.   The website we will create for you is designed to get you on the internet quickly, and with an email address that looks professional.    If you business grows quickly you may want to chage your website within a couple of months, or it may be a year or more before you want to change your design.    In all cases you have at least four options which are:

  • you can add content, photos, video clips to your pages, and add more pages at any time.  For many people this is all the flexibility they want.  If you want some minor changes to the design template we can do this for an admin charge of £20.
  • If you like the general layout but want to create your own design you can buy the template software.  It starts at $49 (about £30) and gives you the options to change the colours, style, photos etc.  We would carry on hosting the website and you make the design changes.  Click here for more details.
  • You can have your own web designer create a unique website for you.  We can carry on providing the hosting service and the web designer uploads the web pages to our server.
  • Your website designer may want to take over everything, including the hosting and managing your email system.  As long as you have used the service for a minimum of three months this is fine.   The domain name agreed with you when we set up the service belongs to you so you can migrate this to your website designer without any further charges from us.

Hopefully this explains the options and demonstrates that we are not trying to tie you into a long term contract.

What next?

Whatever you decide to do, please do something.   Using a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo address for your business does not make you look professional.  Not having a website means you are missing an opportunity, even if it is just one page about your business and a telephone number so that people can contact you it is a start.

So your options are:

  • make a start now, click here
  • give us a call if you have any questions.  0207 11 11 085
  • use a different solution.  Although we only charge £77 set up you can probably will find cheaper solutions, but you will have to spend hours learning how to set up a website and email address with very little support.   Or perhaps you have enough cash to get a website designer now.   Fair enough.
  • and the final, and worse option, do nothing.

Whichever option you choose,  thank you for reading through these pages and hopefully it has given you some ideas  on the options available. 

Good luck with your business.


Office Answers

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