office answersAre you setting up a business but still using a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email address?   Do you think a professional website like this one is going to cost £500 or more?  If so, Office Answers can help.

Our web package solves these problems, and at £77 set up it is very affordable for a small business that is counting every penny. 

Even better, the hosting and support is normally £10 per month but if you use one of our virtual office services we will give you this for FREE, meaning there are no ongoing charges.

This page has been created using our system.  We hope you agree it looks professional and the good news is you could have a website like this within 48 hours.

There are other solutions for getting a website for your business, and some of them may even be cheaper than what we are offering, but you will be left to do all the work yourself.  With our service we will do everything for you so you do not need to learn a website design program and gain the technical skills to set up email address.  It is a full service where we will:

  • buy a domain name for your business (that’s the “” address)
  • set up the email addresses you want
  • help you set up email on your pc, or if you prefer give you web access to your email
  • give you some choices on the colour and layout of your website and set it up for you
  • create the web pages using any text you send us
  • show you how you can update the text on the website whenever you want.
  •  provide friendly support over the phone or by email.

How does that sound to you?

If you’d like to see another sample website and read some more about the service  Click Here.

If you’d like to see the design options please.  Click Here.
On this design options page there are just five steps where you can choose the colour and style of your website.  Then we will agree a domain name that matches your business and have you up and running in 48 hours.


 Office Answers
0207 11 11 085

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